Who is Blueberry Blush?

Graeme Tuck and Tamlyn Nurse – Co-owners of Blueberry Blush

11 July 2019

Blueberry Blush is Graeme and Tammy – friends from childhood, in a relationship since our teens, hard workers with huge ambition, enthusiastic travellers and committed animal lovers. Working together was not our first choice, but circumstances threw us a curveball about a year back and here we are totally loving it.


I (Graeme) started the business with a partner in July 2017. The partner left the business suddenly in July 2018 and Tammy stepped in to help me reorientate the brand and to assist with the overwhelming workload. Everything before that watershed is ancient history (and maybe a blog post for another day), but for our first blog we felt it was important to tell the story of Blueberry Blush as it is today!


It has been just one year (almost to the day) since Tammy joined me in the business to make the Blueberry Blush brand what we know it will be. Since then we have taken some knocks, made more than a few mistakes and had a very steep learning curve. Despite all that we have built the foundations of what is fast becoming an amazing business.


In a nutshell we are all about 3 things – 

  • amazing shoes,
  • happy customers, and 
  • having fun!

Amazing shoes:

To achieve this we head overseas 2 to 3 times each year sourcing a small single season range of jelly sandals but our primary aim when we travel is to source ideas. We bring these home and develop them into a private label range using local materials and artisans.

Our guiding mantra is that every new product we introduce must be an improvement on the last. -we have come a very, very long way in just 12 months and are making shoes that we are very proud of.

Happy Customers:

Customer service is something that we both take VERY seriously. We want people to love being a part of the growth of the brand as much as they love wearing our footwear. The sense of pride (and gratitude) from seeing strangers wearing our shoes while sitting in a restaurant or walking through a mall is indescribable, and having clients contact us to tell us that our shoes are the the most comfortable they have ever worn just makes our day. Best of all is when clients tell us that thanks to our shoes and our service that they have become fans of our Brand.

Having fun:

We aim to have fun in our business; enjoying what you do definitely makes it easier to do! But we also want our customers and basically everybody associated with our brand to have fun; our shoes are comfortable and gorgeous enough to be your fun footwear!


There are many answers – it’s a business partnership between two entrepreneurs; a journey of constant reinvention; the manifestation of a love of fashion, innovation and travel; it’s the desire to make original things and build our own local brand.

Above all, it is a love story. We love that we get to spend every day making beautiful things that people love to wear. And we get to do it together.