How it Works

Interested?  Follow these steps:-
  1. Read and accept our Terms and Conditions;

  2. Submit your application;

  3. Wait for confirmation email;
  4. Log in to My Account on our website;

  5. Select the Starter pack style(s) you would like to promote

    • Less is more – Do NOT overbuy!!
    • We strongly suggest a maximum of 3 styles at a time;
    • Keeping your customers supplied with a steady stream of new styles WILL yield better sales than showing them everything at once
  6. Choose the selected Starter Pack and Click Add To Cart….Easy as that!!
  7. You can now view wholesale pricing of everything in our Online Store (for reordering)
Investment in a starter pack secures::-
  • The rights to market the selected styles
  • A subsidised starter pack containing a complete size range of the selected styles
  • Promotional material for the styles you have selected

You may sell these samples or keep them for promotional purposes.
You keep ALL the cash from any sales!! ALL OF IT!!
Replacement stock may be re-ordered at the prevailing wholesale price. (Remember, it is only the starter packs that are subsidised)

Any questions?  Contact for more info.