Terms and Conditions

Minimum Orders

  • There are no contractual minimum order quantities, however the offer is intended to generate multiple sales of the selected style.

Starter Packs

  • If you want to stock and promote a style, buy the starter Pack
  • Starter Packs consist of the complete size range of the style
  • There will be no returns of Starter Pack stock items. These are supplied at a subsidised price and are considered an investment by the vendor into marketing that style.
  • Our standard returns policy for defective goods will apply to all items sold.  These terms and conditions are available here and elsewhere on our website.


  • While Blueberry Blush will make every effort to prevent reseller over-population within a geographical locality, this offer does not confer any form of exclusivity to the vendor in terms of either styles or geographical territory.
  • All decisions concerning vendor supply agreements remain the sole prerogative of Blueberry Blush.

Advertising on Social Media

  • Resellers may not advertise at selling prices below the recommended retail price,
  • Any discounts may only be advertised in person or in store;
  • Vendors may not advertise on community sites and Facebook groups outside of their own geographic locality
    • (For example Durban based resellers may not advertise on Cape Town based social media community groups);
  • Blueberry Blush MUST be tagged and/or hash-tagged in all social media posts in which our products are featured

Shipping Costs

  • Shipping costs are for the reseller’s account so restocking should be done periodically instead of on individual pairs of shoes to save on shipping costs

Professional Ethics

  • The Vendor must undertake to ALWAYS represent Blueberry Blush in a positive and professional manner,
  • In the case of unprofessional or brand-negative conduct by the resellers, Blueberry Blush reserves the right to terminate the association without notice.

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