From the moment you slip into a pair of our shoes you will know that we are just a little bit different. 

Always on-trend. Sometimes Quirky. Never Boring!


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Just some blah blah blah about us

Owner operated by lifelong partners Tammy and Graeme, Blueberry Blush is a fashion brand dedicated to quality, on-trend styling and above all, comfort.  We are based just outside Durban, South Africa in the misty village of Hillcrest.  Our head office is at the very entrance to the Valley of a Thousand Hills on the way down to the Inanda Dam.

Our range of footwear started, which off just with sandals, has grown to include wedges, heels, mules, boots and sneakers. We source our own materials from local manufacturers and suppliers and all of our artisanal footwear is all locally made by the highest quality craftsmen in Durban vicinity.
Our designs are bright, bold and sometimes a little quirky which perfectly mirrors our own personalities and if it comes down to a choice between serious and fun you just know that fun is always going to win out.  Tammy loves  pretty things and is totally not scared by a little bling -sometimes more than just a little.  This comes through strongly in her footwear designs which usually feature a glitter or metallic accent.  Because of the amount of international travel that we do, Blueberry Blush designs are always on-trend thanks to the many Exhibitions and Trade events that we attend.  It also helps that Tammy is a huge fan of exploring every market, mall, shopping district and design house in each destination we visit.  If anything her designs are a couple of seasons ahead of the local market…..hmmmm, something to work on.
Since inception our missions has aleays been that each pair of shoes that we make should be better than the last pair made, so we place a strong emphasis on quality in both materials selection and workmanship.  This becomes apparent when you try on a new pair of our shoes or sandals.  Our obsession with quality starts with our soles which are always either TPR (rubber) or satin-finished resin and continues through our insoles, linings and to our upper materials.  Our insoles will always feature 3-4mm padding for legendary comfort, our uppers are always lined and our stitching is always precise and expertly finished.

Every autumn we travel to the far east to source a seasonal range of jelly sandals and feature materials for use in the upcoming summer season’s designs.  These Jelly sandals are our only imports and form the basis of our affordable range of summer shoes while our artisanal sandal designs are priced to fall in the intermediate price range while our winter shoe designs, with their higher leather content and workmanship, are aimed more at athe lux end of the market.

Blueberry Blush is predominantly and online and wholesale business and as such we do not work regular business hours all year round. During the week we are available to meet you at our head office and warehouse but due to these unusual hours that we work we suggest getting in touch with us and setting up an appointment.  On weekends, you are more than welcome to visit us at our resident stall (D10) every Saturday at the Shongweni Farmers Market.  If you have never visited the market, do yourself a favour and do so – feel free to contact us for directions.